Energy Plant

Services - Commercial Hood & Exhaust Cleaning Specialists

Our service includes supervision by our crew leaders. On completion, the crew leader will have a manager sign an after service follow-up report to insure that all work has been done to our customer's satisfaction and that management is made aware of any maintenance issues that may need to be addressed. If you don’t have a supervisor available, our crew leader will make note of maintenance issues and your point of contact will be informed by Safety-Hood the next business day.

We will also be happy to take before and after pictures of our work at the customer's request. Our service doesn't just include the cleaning. You can count on us to alert you of scheduled cleanings (we'll keep up with it so you don't have too).

All service will be scheduled in advance with your maintenance coordinator or manager that is best suited to your operations and ensure that we do not disrupt your normal hours of operations.

We specialize on commercial clients but we also do residential. We do can do one time deep cleaning, or regular maintenance scheduled, every six months, quarterly or once a month. In some cases even bi-weekly.

High pressure 3000 to 5000 PSI is used most times unless it is a softer surface like wood to clean and hot water is available and used when necessary to clean dirt, spiderwebs or insects in hard to reach places.mold, or any buildup on outside surfaces so they look clean again. We clean sidewalks, commercial trashcans, Brick or stone on buildings and houses, decks, vinyl siding, boat docks, fences, parking lots, driveways, garage floors, outdoor patios, windows, gutters, roofs etc. We also clean 18 Wheeler's, RV's, Mobile Homes, Awnings & Boats.

Scope of Work

  • The kitchen hood area will be isolated with plastic drop cloth in order to protect other equipment not related to the exhaust system.
  • Remove exhaust filters, grease filters or grease extractors to soak in detergent/water solution, cleaned with brush and allowed to air dry.
  • Report any filters in poor condition that need to be replaced.
  • Clean/Power wash all exhaust stacks.
  • Stainless steel hoods to be cleaned inside and out, rinse and polish all surfaces with stainless steel cleaner.
  • Steam clean exhaust fan blades and fan housing.
  • No flammable solvents or other flammable cleaning aids shall be used.
  • All methods used shall incorporate the use of non-hazardous biodegradable degreasers, scraping, scrubbing and wiping to bare metal as the system allows.
  • Reinstall exhaust filters.
  • All surfaces and areas affected by our service are to be cleaned upon completion of our operation.
  • Report any fan units not operating properly or other operating deficiencies.
  • Remove and dispose of all waist/grease in a manner consistent with the local code.
  • Hood Cleaning Labels with company name, address, phone number, and date are provided and placed on hood for inspection.